EU talent, the search continues

Thursday, January 04, 2007 | 4 comments »

BM New Year's Resolution - to continue EU coverage as shallow as a tinker's bath.

Following our exhaustive and highly popular eye candy search among the upper echelons of the European Commission, we turn our attention now to the European Parliament, where beautiful people strut like peacocks from coffee bar to coffee bar in power suits and flamboyant kneckwear.

The Euro-MPs themselves - traditionally dirty old men - have the luxury of choosing their own staff, and thus have a reputation for employing pert young things to adorn their offices ("I appear to have dropped my file, I wonder if you might ... thank you my dear").

But what of the MEP's themselves?

Is there anything among the ranks of 784 politicians worth a round trip to Strasbourg for?

As before the 'monster kicks things off with a few nominations for the toppingest ladies, in a contest that has already become known as 'MEP Idol' (until such time as someone comes up with a better name).

Belgium's Frédérique Ries, a former news presenter, we find has something of an Oil of Ulay ad about her.

Finland's Eija-Riitta Korhola meanwhile looks as hot and wholesome as freshly baked ryebread.

But her countrywoman Piia-Noora Kauppi, despite being called 'Nora' and having a surname that sounds like 'cow pee', just about clinches it above the other two, mainly as at 31 she's sixteen years younger than the other two, whose delectable headshots must surely be analysed for evidence of photoshopping, or even carbon-dated. Also that stern matronly bun of hair, you just know is held together by a single clip, which once released will send her locks cascading with a sensual flourish down over the smooth, Nordic skin of her elegant shoulders, as she sachays towards the sauna clad in nothing but a (that's enough, ed.)

On top of which, it's Ms Cow Pee's birthday in three days. (Any volunteers to give her the bumps?)

Nominations for eye candy of either gender, as ever, are welcome at the usual address berlaymonster at gmail dot com.

The quest continues. Happy Hunting.



  1. MKWM // 2:15 AM  

    MEP is a cool title but going through 785... I have an overdose and just one eye candy so far.

    The EP website is available in RO and BG already, some people have been busy... and so have I. Good night and bye for now.

  2. Tippler // 11:17 AM  

    Used to fancy that Dutch one myself, (now sadly back in the Netherlands) until she danced on the bar at Les Aviators in Stras.

    There's only so much energy the Tippler can handle...

  3. Elaib // 12:21 AM  

    Tippler for Loseknees,

    Sure I saw that graffito in Place Lux somewhere

  4. MKWM // 11:24 AM  

    I'm afraid my MEP Idol (from the UK) is still laying in my outlook draft mails, along with a dozen runner-up candidates.

    Hold your breath.... Meantime, several new idols are actually being elected today in the EP(not in Place Lux, somewhere else).