It's simply not in the pubic interest.

Germany's 'Focus' magazine has threatened to publish paparazzi photos of Commission Vice-President Guenther Verheugen and his Chief of Staff (oo-er) Petra Erler sunbathing starkers on a nudist beach in Lithuania.

We say NO.

On bended knees, please for the love of God, no.

However, lest BM be accused of not putting an idle Friday afternoon to profitable use - let us not let this opportunity pass to have a good letch around all the cabinet websites to see if there is in fact anyone worth camping out with a long-lense camera among the sand dunes for.

Our gratuitously shallow line-up for Miss Commission Cabinet 2006 is shaping up thusly:

From Cypriot Markus Kyprianou's hareem
Georgina 'Gorgeous' Georgiou
sultry Despina Spanou

from among Louis Michel's otherwise sorry bunch
Karin Gardes-'Cutey'-Koutny

and from chez Vlad 'The Daddy' Spidla
Magdelena 'Fruity' Frouzova
Lenka Deylova (no, really, that's what she's called).

Other nominations - male or female - for REAL talent among the EU's elite, are welcome by email to berlaymonster (AT)


  1. Anonymous // 3:56 PM  

    Crikey. Any jobs going in Vald's office?