Thanks to both of you who submitted entries to the logo competition.

Unfortunately, you were both disqualified, as one of you didn't submit original artwork and the other one wasn't a logo.

It seems that the 'Monster wasn't the only one to notice that this phenomenal mountain of shite was a bad idea, though.

Catherine Colonna, the French Minister for Europe, has written to Barroso, the Commission's top-banana, complaining that "the logo creates a problem".

French philosopher Barbara Cassin called it "absolutely counter productive" and suggested it was a crap version of the Google logo. While The Times has the full story, our very own sexy gerbil, Margot, defends her "slogo" here .


  1. Anonymous // 3:38 PM  

    That logo is utter crap.

    Although I still fancy Margot.

  2. MKWM // 11:43 PM  

    Serves me right. I just did a five minutes' work, what else could I possibly expect?!

  3. zoe // 7:54 AM  

    where was the deadline ?