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Pint of beer and a Bloody Mary to Quarsan at Blairwatch


  1. Anonymous // 2:14 PM  

    Mrs Quarsan had quite enough Bloody Marys last night, avec moi.

  2. zoe // 7:56 AM  

    you can never have enough, tippler, as you quite well know.

  3. quarsan // 8:09 AM  

    Thank you Berlaymonster.

    I feel that my logo addresses two points that the original 'slogo' (which stands for shite logo) missed.

    First of all it had to be actually readable at a quick glance to be effective, the other one is too difficult to read.

    Secondly I wanted to use a simple word that wouldn't need any translation and would be clearly understood through out the EU. The original one had to be translated into 24 different languages, somewhat diluting the message of 'unity'.

    Thirdly I wanted to sum up in a single word what the citizens of Europe feel, at an intellectual end emotional level about the European Commission.

    Fourthly, I wanted a logo that would express and unite people, one that people would rally round. Ideally I wanted something that crowds of people could shout as they passed Berlaymont.

    But most important of all, I needed a logo that could be made from scratch in under 10 minutes as I was late for work.

  4. MKWM // 6:52 PM  

    Bravo Quarsan! Another pint for you and a Bloody Mary for Zoe, on my tab.

  5. Elaib // 2:35 PM  

    You have clearly been reading too much commission verbiage.

    Impressive explanation, looks like it has been through babelfish and back again, near perfection.