Selfless eurocrats

Monday, October 30, 2006 | 2 comments »

A propos the post below (see below), there's a sign in the European Commission 'selfs' (self-service canteens) which raises an intriguing philosophical/ontological dilemma:

"Il est interdit de sortir avec le materiel du Self"

(tr. 'It is forbidden to leave with the material of the Self')

Judging by most in the commission, it's also forbidden to enter with the metaphysical essence of life.


  1. Anonymous // 4:02 PM  

    Which is why all we members of the press corps have to fake 'walking death' to get past bloody security.

    Well, I think most of us are faking it...

  2. Anonymous // 5:36 PM  

    Taking it out is also forbidden: windows don't open widely enough.