The Centre's Annual Bishop Bash

Wednesday, September 20, 2006 | 0 comments »

Spare a thought for your host this evening, prodding away at his left-handed keyboard, while the rest of the Eurovillage gathers chez La Adamson for his annual smarmfest at his consultancy The Centre. And while BM was left off the invite list, the Financial Times will almost certainly have received the lucky Golden Ticket to gorge on Paul Adamson's hospitality - judging by an item in today's Observer column in the pink'un.

Somehow the paper's diarists have seen fit to make a mini featurette out of the Adamson bash, citing him as the 'eminence grise of the lobbying scene.' When he started in Brussels 25 years ago, the column gushes, lobbying barely existed. Now 'there are thousands of private lobbyists and Adamson remains at the forefront.'

His 'Think-Do Tank' (it's still a consultancy, stupid) The Centre even gets a prominent mention as 'a fixture on the Brussels policymaking circuit.'

While others in the European capital choked on the froth of their cappucinos on reading the extraordinary paean, Adamson will have been basking in the triumph of his second morning glory of the day, perhaps while an FT diary editor fumbled endearingly with the great man's flies beneath the desk, just in case his future directorship at The Centre wasn't quite yet in the bag.