New, BM-Tees

Thursday, February 13, 2014 | 0 comments »

Wearable EU-themed whimsy. Just what the market didn't know it needed.


It's taken a while, but herewith the official launch of BM-Tees, the Berlaymonster range of t-shirts, designed with amateurism and a sense of humour jaded by many years in the eurovillage. And by gin.

And inspired by the far more professional Solamente55, which came up with this offering a while back.

A t-shirt for every occasion, as long as that occasion is limited to around half a dozen niche opportunities to make light of some aspect or other of the EU.

The vendor is a third party - spreadshirt. I did a couple of test runs (see below). The quality is very good. The delivery time is what you'd expect for an individual-print-run t-shirt. i.e. give it a couple of weeks. It's a tad pricey, but hey. I know how much you earn.

A gravytrain. On a t-shirt.
Current range includes:

"Kuñardocz" - (the Single European Swearword)
"Gravy Train" - all aboard
"Let me through - I'm a trained comitologist"
"I Speak Jargon"
"BIG on the BIG things - small on the small things"
"Banana Inspector"

Suggestions welcome (other colours/themes/products).