Czech President Miloš Zeman's speech to the European Parliament gets bizarre.

Zeman proudly stated at the end of his address to MEPs today that he had spoken in English so as to save on interpretation costs. In retrospect, perhaps a few euros may have been wisely spent.

It started well, though boldly. He railed against "the crazy movement of European Parliament" between Brussels and Strasbourg to cheers from those championing a 'Single Seat' for the EU legislature.

Zeman then criticised the "nonsense" EU directive on energy-saving lightbulbs. "I have one in my cottage," he told the packed parliament. "And it looks like in a cemetery or a mortuary." (We're assuming that's because of the poor light from a bulb made out of organic knitted yoghurt. Not because he has bodies lying around the place.)

And then it got a little less comprehensible.

"My European Dream," he continued, paraphrasing Martin Luther King rather tortuously, "does not include, the Brussels so-called European Architecture, which sometimes looks like an amplified budbox."

Although he might have said woodbox.*

Either way: bizarre.

But most bizarre was yet to come:

"My European Dream does not include the steak in the centre of European Commission which looks like a bubble bum and taste like a bubble bum."

Yip. Really. See it here ==>;

or in it's entirety here.

Word has it that recent austerity measures within the European Commission have prompted a dip in quality in the institution's canteens. But pity the eurocrats that are dining on 'bubble bum.'


*update: see comments below.


  1. Jan Vaněk jr. // 8:37 PM  

    <a href=">The official Czech text of the speech</a> shows that Zeman wanted to say "shoe box" (so he apparently tried to say "boot box").

  2. Berlaymonster // 9:46 AM  

    Aaaah. So did he mean the EU buildings look like big shoe-boxes? Or that Europe's metaphysical political architecture is boxy, flimsy and hollow?

    And was he ACTUALLY commenting on the bad steaks in the commission canteen?

  3. Anonymous // 6:55 PM  

    He really mentioned steaks that taste like bubble gum/chewing gum, which is his personal experience ...

  4. Pavel Jaroš // 12:26 PM  

    Mr. prezident has often problems with his pronunciation even in czech, therefore his speech in english is "not so bad" ;)

  5. Anonymous // 11:24 PM  

    I strongly recommend this video - sound by M.C. Milos :)

  6. Michal Hornicek // 10:12 AM  

    Jeee to je debiil!! :D

  7. Anonymous // 10:16 AM  

    truly ashamed of him

  8. Martin Bauman // 12:12 PM  

    Oh dear god. This is the president of my country. The shame.

  9. Anonymous // 9:42 PM  

    Pavel Jaroš: Ty joudo, ty máš tak co kritizovat, "prezident" je tak maximálně českej pravopis, anglickej tak leda ve snu. Nauč se to, pak si to dej znova a teprve pak kritizuj. Chtěl bych tě vidět, jak bys to zrovna TY zvládl líp než Miloš "Tlačenka" Zeman.

    Martin Bauman: "The shame" myslíš znamená to samý co "ta hanba", jo? Ty vado, moje čtyřletá dcera to umí napsat líp než ty! Odchod, nauč se to, za pět let přijď zpátky. Do tý doby radši prosím tě NIC anglicky neříkej.

  10. Anonymous // 10:01 PM  

    Berlaymonster: Why don't you find out yourself, mate? There's a Czech version of the speech, somewhere on the Czech president's website.