Bilbao Baggins

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 | 1 comments »

The European Commission got it in the neck this week for taking more than four years to getting round to investigating subsidies to certain Spanish football clubs.

The watchdog that keeps an eye on the EU institutions themselves, the Ombudsman, said the delay could "look like a conflict of interest" given that the commissioner in charge, Joaquin Almunia, is a big fan of one of the clubs, Athletic Bilbao

So, ever wondered what a conflict of interest could "look like"?

Maybe something like this:

Almunia, seen here explaining how many years it'll take to open an investigation



  1. European Ombudsman // 9:55 AM  

    Emily O'Reilly stated: "I am glad that the Commission has finally acted in this case after a delay of more than four years. It is important for the European public to see that the Commission deals rapidly with concerns about the breach of state aid rules. My role is not to look into the merits of the allegations, but I am satisfied that the Commission is now investigating the facts, thereby dispelling any suspicions of a conflict of interests."

    You can find our press release here: