After European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi this week inadvertently confessed on-mic that his press conference was 'boring,' BM has launched a video campaign for the now-overlooked eurozone chairman Jean-Claude Juncker. Who isn't boring.

And for those struggling with the pre-Carolingian Frankish dialect:

I wake up every day it's a drama
In my euro-themed pyjama
I wake to give Berlin a call
But sometimes they don't answer at all

And all I care about is that I have an itch
To run something bigger than a football pitch
As you roll out the powers of the ECB
Please don't forget about little old me.

Some people think I'm boring
I say well that's not true.
I've been prime minister now
Since 1872

I chair the monthly meetings
To have a little chat
About the eurozone
There's nothing boring 'bout that...


(please also consider this shoddy vlog as a de facto petite annonce for an a/v editor who'll work in exchange for gin).