Joe's Big Balloon

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A moral tale

Joe loved balloons. Until one day he made a really big balloon, and inflated it so much that he got carried away.

Joe's Big Balloon

Joe liked balloons.

He liked balloons so much that every month or so he got a new one.

But every time he got a new balloon, it withered or blew away with the wind.

Then one day, Joe decided to get himself a really big balloon.

So he gathered bits of old balloons and stapled them together, and painted it to look like new.

And then he blew,

And huffed,

And he puffed,

And he filled that balloon with so much air,

That it grew,

And it grew,

Until everyone could see his big, shiny, new balloon.

He inflated his balloon so much that he got carried away with it.

That was until some other character in this tortured allegory shot the big balloon down, or the metaphorical paint cracked and the symbolic staples gave way,

Bringing Joe crashing down to earth with a figurative



Don't have dreams.