The 'Monster is no alien to attempts to depict the EU village through the prosodic arts. Previous efforts by BM and readers have managed, variously through sonnets, haikus and limericks, to sneer poetically at our political masters and mistresses over the years.

And the masterful 'Instapoet' (blog and twitter) has also pricked the Brussels bubble with his occasional quill.

But what on earth does the 'poetry' department of the European Commission do?

And why are they in such a hurry?

The 'Rapid/Poetry' unit appears to be part of the commission's communications outfit (No, really).

There's been not much evidence of their creative output as yet, rapid or otherwise.

And it's not entirely clear either why they need someone who is dedicated to the 'triple-X domain'.

Here's BM's effort at versifying today's competition announcement on Rio Tinto Alcan with a sprinkling of requisite smut:

                   Brussels probed 
                   The dominant position
                   That Alcan wielded.

                   Alcan, smelting,
                   And removed the vertical restraints.



  1. Mr Gray // 4:53 PM  

    Viv Reding's louche cyberellas
    made hardly a dent in the fellas
    that ran IT
    for eternity
    in 50 shades down in the cellar