Last week saw the departure of EU Spokémon Amadeu Altafaj ('Amadu the Fire Douser') to a senior position out of the limelight within the bowels of the beast.

The unprompted 33 second applause from the usually cynical pressroom last Thursday on his final appearance at the podium attests to the respect he has earned from colleagues and journos alike, as he has fielded euro and finance related barrages over many months of the EU's economic crisis.

As a possible hint to part of his motivation for moving on, he paid an appropriate tribute to all and sundry, but closed with these words for the gathered press:

"From Monday, don't even try calling me..."

Tis true, frustrations of dealing with frequent idiocy from journalists must be very wearing. As Amadeu himself displayed when he famously walked out of a Newsnight interview after one too many insults from one of the Daily Telegraph's several Chief Blusterers Peter Oborne.

Here's a few lines of doggerel on the fella from BM's limerictionary:

There once was a spokesman for Rehn
Who came from a land known as Spain
His knowledge substantial
Of matters financial
Meant journos would rarely complain


There once was a flack, Altafaj,
Whose knowledge of finance was large
But call him an idiot,
His departure's immediate
And out of the studio he'll barge.