Make your monthly schlep down to Strasbourg all the more bearable, with the new BM 'Strasbag' specifically designed for all your parliamentary needs.


- Chiller unit for two bottles champagne

- Compartment for extra pillow to avoid unnecessary and potentially embarassing confusion at the hotel.

- Generous pocket for receipts.

- Built-in GPS guide of the inside of the European Parliament building.

Pretty assistant included.



  1. Kingmaker // 5:49 PM  

    Curious about the in-parliament GPS gadget. Does it also tell MEPs when to "turn left" or "turn right" (or even, "turn far-right") in the plenary session?

  2. Anonymous // 12:15 AM  

    :GPS voice:
    'You have made the wrong decision. Please make a U-turn when it is safe to do so or you think no-one will notice.'