To plagiarise borrow a format made popular by I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, Mock The Week, and Private Eye, here's a rundown of the top ten 'unlikely things to hear in Brussels', as spouted by @Berlaymonster on that there twitter. 

Bung us your own, by BM's customary gmail, or over the aforementioned virtual verbal diary-er with the hashtag #unlikelythingstohearinbrussels.

"Your Dutch colleague is very quiet."

"Actually my kids are at a Belgian school."

"But there's so many brunch options to choose from."

"No no, I can't, I'm driving."

"Yay, Strasbourg!"

"Frankly, I support the strike."

"Let's go down the Parliamentarium!"

"I'm looking forward to relocating to the Madou tower."

"I've been working for Cathy Ashton for more than a year now."

"Mr Chairman, I'm aware I still have several minutes of speaking time, but I think I'll leave it there."



  1. CJWilly // 2:34 PM  


    All so true. No idea why people feel the need to do number 10. Endless.

  2. Bar Rosso // 6:21 PM  

    "Let's leave an extra tip for that lovely waitress"

  3. Adrian H // 10:18 AM  

    "We were going to go away in August but didn't want to risk missing the lovely weather here."

  4. Tycho R // 6:41 PM  

    It's such a beautiful summer day!

  5. Anonymous // 9:08 AM  

    "Why don't you step out first, before I step in?"

  6. A. Lobby // 10:58 AM  

    "I actually have plenty of business cards with me, but I don't want you to have one"

  7. Anonymous // 2:14 PM  

    but what will the Economic and Social Committee think of this proposal?

  8. Jay // 10:04 PM  

    "I've been here quite some time now, I think I should take up Dutch."

  9. Anonymous // 11:27 PM  

    Services and local attitude are just all that these expats paying such low taxes come here for!

  10. Adrian H // 12:11 PM  

    We like to pay our interns a living wage