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Tuesday, February 28, 2012 | 1 comments »

French language murdered, but irony alive and well

It is with regret that 'Monster announces the sad death of the French language, brutally murdered this week by an EU commission spokesman.

Health Warning: If you are of Gallic persuasion or in anyway Francophone, listening to the following may cause aural bleeding and shattered dental enamel.

Fast-foward 45 seconds in this clip to hear commission spoke Denis Abbott discussing - in sub-Blair French - subsidies to some of this year's Oscar-nominated films.

Abbott, it bears reminding, is spokesman for ... 'multilingualism'.

Only a few months ago he was extolling the virtues of learning other languages (to Spanish TV, in English...).

Now HERE's a more appropriate spokesman for promoting language learning: 20yr old Alex Rawlings, who won this month a multilingualism competition by publisher Harper Collins, for fluency in 11 languages ...

Any Brussels journos out there fancy asking Abbott for a multilingual comment congratulating Rawlings?



  1. french derek // 6:44 PM  

    After watching that idiot I suddenly feel a lot better about my awful accent (which friends call "chouette").

    An English relative reckons she learned her French pronunciation by watching "'Alo, 'alo"! And French friends think she's such a good French speaker, dammit.