Happy Christmas, and HELP

Thursday, December 16, 2010 | 2 comments »

If your office is on fire, don't call the fire brigade, send a nice card...

Someone might need to check on the poor souls at Hill & Knowlton's Brussels office.

Have a look at their Christmas e-card...

Do those people on the top floor look as though they're wishing us all the best for the festive season, or roasting alive in a terrifying inferno?

The original 'flash' animated version is even creepier, with a laid-back xylophone jazz trio drowning out the bloodcurdling screams of the incinerated account executives and accompanying them to a premature, involuntary cremation.

They clearly didn't heed this warning from the European Commission this time last year, about the dangers of badly-wired tree lights.

Makes you feel all festive.

As Nat King Cole might have sung it: "Lobbyists roasting on an open fire..."

Happy Chanukah,


(any other shocking corporate Christmas cards? Feel free to email them to the 'Monster)


  1. Berlaymonster // 10:05 AM  

    "Hill & Knowlton Belgium is now following you on twitter"

    I bet it chuffing is....

  2. greetings from madou // 8:24 PM  

    Big Brother 3.0.:-)