(In)Famous at last ...

Monday, September 20, 2010 | 2 comments »

Finnish police are trying to track down a small-time conman said to resemble EU commission president Jose Manuel Barroso.

BM's Finnish is sadly wanting, but the fraud in question appears to involve the exchange of money in return for clothing purportedly left over from a fashion show (see Helsingin Sanomat's coverage here).

The Barroso double offloaded four 'leather-effect' jackets, four men's shirts, two ties and two belts, all for 200 euros.

The story raises all sorts of questions. Among the less obvious and less crudely satirical: has Bozo really garnered such profile that he is recognised in the provinces of Finland?

Can we expect more criminal sightings of this ilk?

"The suspect had the unmistakable gait of Janez Potočnik "

"I detected behind the balaclava a twinkle in the eye and a smirk redolent of Algirdas Šemeta."

"He stank of Tajani."


  1. Grahnlaw // 2:57 PM  

    Saddam Hussein was known for using doubles ...

    But will Barroso be handcuffed and frisked the next time he visits Finland, if this petty crime is not solved by then?

  2. Sara // 4:26 PM  

    Great blog! I just discovered it and look forward to reading more!