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Friday, November 20, 2009 | 6 comments »



  1. Anonymous // 12:37 PM  




    ha hahahahahaha


    ooooh dear.

  2. Valéry // 8:36 AM  

    The best post I have read on the issue.

  3. Alex Wilks // 9:56 PM  

    Herman van Rompuy / Celebrates his victory / Greeted by "Who's he?"

  4. European // 10:36 AM  

    So simple but so telling...indeed "No Comments"...the pic on the left side leaves me speechless...this is the face of EU now...pretty much relfecting the processes in Europe - aging population and the fall of the european civilisation...the pic on the right side is rather cute :)

  5. daniel john // 8:17 AM  

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  6. Jerry // 5:31 AM  

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