Haiku competition

Friday, November 20, 2009 | 5 comments »

Tepid on the heels of BM's limerick efforts some time ago (see here) Celebrate the appointment of our two glorious leaders on the world stage: write a Haiku.

For inspiration, here they are in all their glory, and here's a few lines of doggerel to get you started:

Most interesting thing
And useful at that, his name:
Five syllables long

The magician says
Pick a card, pick any card,
Anyone but Blair

A woman and man
In the glare of autumn sun
But who are they both



  1. smsh // 4:09 PM  

    Leaders decided
    They have a head and a face
    But no balls at all

  2. happy famous artists // 2:49 PM  

    DIY: http://haikuherman.eu/

  3. sidsid // 8:53 PM  

    EU I hate you
    You're all balls
    like Haiku

  4. Matteo // 3:25 PM  

    Herman Van Rompuy
    Baroness Cathy Ashton
    Who the f*** are they?

  5. MoralsMan // 5:49 AM  

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