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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 | 1 comments »

Should we start to worry when spoof articles turn out to be true?

In April last year 'Monster flippantly tossed off a little number entitled 'UK to table 'tick-box' candidate as new EU commissioner' (read it in all its mediocrity here).

In it we quoted a fictional UK official as saying that "the PC choice of a chick for commissioner has to be the way forward" and that the candidate would benefit from being "of a beige complexion or darker."

Over a year later The Times this week - Gordon Brown's tome of choice for leakage - is reporting that Baroness Vadera is now hotly tipped to be the British nomination (see here).

This has been, the paper says, in part in response to pressure from commission president Barroso, who in securing a second term is keen to surround himself with the ladies (something else BM has noted before, see here and here).

Lest we get too carried away, however, BM also predicted Downing Street would go for someone with a working class background and a knowledge of modern British street patois. Two out of four ain't bad (unless her reference to 'green shoots' in January was a drug-related slang term that somehow passed us by).


  1. Anonymous // 10:27 PM  

    Well, better than the return of the bendy cucumber...