EU Existentialism?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 | 4 comments »

A senior Commission official, sitting in the European Economic and Social Committee, at the launch of the European Integration Forum:

"The added value of this Forum is that we now have a Forum."

Well quite.

But if the Committee of the Regions develops an opinion and nobody listens to it, does it really develop an opinion?

Answers, please.


  1. Eurocentric // 4:01 PM  

    Only if it has the developers to develop the opinions...

  2. Anonymous // 5:41 PM  

    could i have that in gaelic please?

  3. Anonymous // 2:09 PM  

    This is curious logic of each political dialog starting with Middle East Quartet and to the Council of Europe. They talk just for the sake of talking, hoping that if they talk they don't fight. They just follow Humbold wisdom "Der Weg ist der Ziel" and no results are needed.

  4. Anonymous // 9:11 AM  

    Aren't we getting into the realm of "Does one hand clapping in the woods make a sound if there is nobody to listen to it?" - Apart from that, it is so rare that anybody in the Economic and Social Committee says something funny that the official deserves all the praise you can heap upon him.