Brussels has launched a competition for those EU commissioners who want a second term or a seat in the European Parliament, as the institutions undergo a changeover later this year.

For the half dozen or so commissioners who are vying for another five years in the first class carriage of the gravy train, they are now under starter's orders to deliver as many speeches and press releases as possible over the coming weeks and months in order to build profile.

Extra points are awarded to those who manage to elbow their way into subject areas that are not their core competence as commissioner, in order to broaden their perceived scope of expertise and ready them for a wider range of opportunities in whatever new positions come up for grabs.

On your marks ...
Set ...

OH and it's a false start from Reding...


  1. Zoologist // 7:37 PM  

    What Brussels needs is some members of the human race for its top jobs, not the animals it has at present.