European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso has been advised to look to the success of US president-elect Barack Obama for inspiration, as he seeks a second term at the helm of the EU executive.

In a bid to gain popular profile - vital to winning over the EU heads of state who hold the key to his renomination - the commission incumbent has been working on his tan and basketball skills.

He is also understood to be trying to spirit from the ether a modicum of the magnetism and straight-talking eloquence that won over the US electorate.

And aides have adapted the Obama election slogan to suit his own reselection to:

"Change, [where expedient]: Yes, we can! [following a white paper, stakeholder consultation, proposals, support among EU governments and the European Parliament, and in some cases also pending national ratification processes including parliamentary reserve and domestic referenda]"


  1. sidsid // 5:41 PM  

    " develop.."presupposes that there already exist a nucleus of that which is to be developed.