In a pleasing trend towards metaphor (obfuscation?) the Charlemagne building appears to have rebranded itself the "European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights", if this latest banner is to be believed.

Which, of course, got us thinking: what instrument could that be ?

A couple of ideas from the dulcet tenor of the Berlaymonster:

  1. Bagpipes: a sack of wind inclined to make unpleasant screeching sounds
  2. Harp: almost transparent, but on closer inspection has many strings attached
  3. Fiddle: enough said
  4. Organ: vastly complex, impenetrable, various buttons and pedals and bits and pieces, but which effectively just blows hot air from left to right
  5. Double bass: large, unwieldy and yet barely audible
  6. A saxophone: blown by big black men (that's enough, Ed.)
And it's over to you - leave your suggestions in the comments ... best one wins Iceland.


  1. hidh // 4:33 PM  

    Obviously, the gaffophone...

  2. sidsid // 7:48 PM  

    Could it be a Blunt Instrument with which to "club" the people of Europe into compliant submission?

  3. sidsid // 8:45 PM  

    Since this item was posted Europe has lost an instrument. An Organ.
    An paid him a lot of moola for going.

  4. septic_isle // 12:29 PM  

    The lyre?

  5. septic_isle // 12:31 PM  

    The EUphonium?