The European Commission's daily press briefing witnessed a disarming moment of candour today, as one of the institution's spokesfolks conceded to her own failings.

Noting how press coverage of tax matters had been 'confused', a spokesman for taxation commissioner László Kovács admitted "maybe I'm not a good communicator" (d'ye think that came up in her job interview?).

Then, as if to prove her point, she responded to a question about the danger her commissioner might run out of time in his mandate to table a proposal on a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base:

"There is dangers for everything in this life, but also there is no dangers at the same time," she clarified. "We try our best."



  1. sidsid // 11:35 PM  

    Why are these people still allowed out without "carers"?

  2. Anonymous // 6:47 PM  

    Don t you have anything better to do?