BM can confirm the long-held British tabloid belief that EU funds are going down the toilet.

Here is a photo of a lovely pooper in Hull, subsidised by EU regional aid.

The verdant washroom is, we learn from the European Commission's website, 'award-winning' and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

And the aim of the subsidy: to promote "regional competitiveness".

Quite how a spic-and-span Victorian crapper-cum-conservatory can help regional competitiveness escapes BM for the moment.

But it proves the EU is 'flush' with 'loo-t' ... erm ... and is 'basin' its regional aid distribution on ... erm ... [toilet ... poo ... other lavatorial references ...]

Thanks to avid BM reader 'Florence' for the tip...


  1. sidsid // 7:17 PM  

    Prescott always was a shithouse

  2. The Aunt // 10:20 PM  

    It's a lovely loo. And I bet it improves the town's competitiveness as a shopping venue.

    I only shop in the vicinity of the best loos.

  3. Anonymous // 1:28 PM  

    At last the EU is doing something useful with our money. I was in a public loo in Lasne, Belgium this weekend. It was ghastly and cost me 40 cents. When will the EU turn its attention to the economic regulation of toilet charges on its own doorstep?