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Wednesday, March 26, 2008 | 5 comments »

is it just us or does ...

make you think of ...


  1. JolietJake // 11:15 PM  

    I'm glad you put that up, I thought it was just my sick mind

  2. Eurojism // 5:49 PM  

    That lady reminds me of my ex-wife.
    Entirely non-descript.

  3. Anonymous // 11:16 PM  

    Its subliminal, part of the EUs drive to make itself more popular. You know, sex sells.

  4. Anonymous // 4:30 PM  

    At last!
    We just can't understand why - with all those good designers in Slovenia - politicians always choose the worst. (See: Slovenian chair in the Council building's bar on the fifth floor)
    Conclusion: You cannot be a good designer and have a politician as a distant relative or friend's friend.

  5. Anonymous // 4:16 PM