Celebrating European design...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 | 5 comments »

... with something you wouldn't put on your fridge even if your favourite grandson had done it.

Ah, Europe. The continent that brought us William Morris' arts and crafts movement, Marcel Breuer's chairs, Pininfarini's cars, and other design classics (that the 'monster had to look up on wikipedia).

And now, [*drum roll*]


The winning design for a new, pan-Eurozone commemorative two euro coin to celebrate 10 years of Economic and Monetary Union.

It was created by George Stamatopoulos (age five and a half?), and represents - we are told - that "the euro is the latest step in the long history of trade, from pre-historic barter - evoked by the deliberately primitive design - to economic and monetary union."

It's only ten years, George, not ten million.

BM looks forward to the issue of a set of commemorative notes to go with this coin, and has made its own submission below.

We call the designs, respectively, 'My House', 'Me and Daddy', and 'Daddy's Car'.


  1. Anonymous // 8:36 PM  

    Is the kid in any way related to any high ranking €uro-politician or staff member? just asking - - -

  2. sidsid // 11:06 PM  

    I think it is wonderful.
    It expresses, in full, the infantile nature of the EU.

  3. Margarita // 3:33 PM  

    Maybe they want to link the evolution of art with the evolution (or the art) of the EU monetary system. For the next anniversaries we'll have ancient Greeks, medieval paintings, renesans, barok etc...

    Am I too idealistic to put so much meaning behind this scribble?

  4. Anonymous // 6:53 PM  

    I think art is not one of your specialities

  5. Anonymous // 9:30 AM  

    thats stupid how are those idiots letting kids rule what the euro coin looks like?!
    what next a 13 year old mayor?!
    the presidant?!