Patriots, Unite! Both of you...

Monday, November 12, 2007 | 0 comments »

Eurobrats tend to the ambivalent about political goings-on in their adopted home. But they're not alone.

The natives are hardly any more exercised, it seems, judging by the limp reaction so far to a rallying cry to march for a united Belgium this weekend.

As the national political structure crumbles separatists from the Flemish and Walloon halves of the country, both alike in dignity, have received something of a fillip to their respective causes, and from ancient grudge break to new mutiny.

In reaction, unionists have organised a demonstration in Brussels to show the separatists are not the dominant voice.

And no-one can fault them for embracing modern means of spreading their message - more than six thousand inhabitants have received an invitation via a Facebook group for the 'Verzameling voor België - Rassemblement pour la Belgique'

The response, however, bodes ill for the future of Belgium as we know it.

Not a single invitee has confirmed attendance to date.

942 respondents 'may be attending' at least, but another 1300 definitely aren't.

And almost four thousand haven't replied at all.

If a mouse-button is such a hassle to deploy in the name of one's country, little hope then to pursuade patriots to risk breaking into a sweat.

Inhabitants of what is soon to become the Free Democratic Principality of Brussels: get your passport applications in now.