European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso is to appear on billboards across the continent in a new campaign by Benetton.

A spokesman for the company said the advert was intended not only to bang the drum for racial diversity, but also to represent a wider spectrum of income.

"It's a way of bringing to the fore the hitherto underrepresented overpaid minority" said the spokesman.

The move to take on Barroso to publicise its wares is a bold one, given the slump in baseball cap sales following an unsuccessful guerrilla marketing campaign involving commission vice-president Guenther Verheugen last year... (that's more than enough Verheugen. ed.)

(photo spotted by a BM peruser on the website of Brussels Ethiopian restaurant Kokob following a visit by Bozo and his entourage)


  1. laranjada ovarense // 8:10 PM  

    REALLY worth a Portuguese Language course ...
    Best Regards
    Laranjada Ovarense
    EC Trainee Spring 1997
    (Then I saw the light and got myself a real job ...)

  2. Daphne Wayne-Bough // 4:23 PM  

    I've always rather fancied him. If Angie Merkel gets her lips round his ear once more she's going to feel the weight of my handbag.

  3. laranjada ovarense // 1:35 AM  

    It looks like the long arm of the commission managed to remove the movie above, but ...
    Here it is again!
    Now with translation of the last part:
    "... that decision is no more than a consequence of the crisis of the bourgoise education system, and that decision that is entirely incorrect, against the proletariat and against the people, pitting students against workers and workers against students."

  4. Anonymous // 2:09 PM  

    What a sad, miserable, bitter person you must be. May I never have the displeasure of meeting you.