Whilst strolling among the happy crowds on National Day, a BM reader was visiting the EU's stands and admiring their snappy motto 'Europe Cares' on bags, hats and various publications.

Sadly there was no further explanation of what Europe cared about.

Presumably not referendums.

But what really caught his eye was DG Development's "Afrika's on the move" tour-bus. It wasn't the non-specific spelling of "Afrika" that surprised him, rather the larger-than-life cartoon cut-out of a larger-than-life "Afrikan".

With comedy staring eyes, oversized red lips, a raised eyebrow and stupid arm-gesture, our reader was sure he'd seen this racial stereotype somewhere before ...


  1. Anonymous // 2:41 PM  

    But are you going to react with the advertissement upon the berlaymont of the european union promoting "Equality" and also enhancing stereotypes?