Lewis Crofts, Brussels-based journo for high-brow news agency MLex, and formerly of EUPolitix and GPlus, has published his first novel and called it The Pornographer of Vienna.

Which will ensure he shifts a couple of copies.

So far so controversial. But his page-turner, presumably written during the midday press-briefings where he's a regular face, has been "incensing browsers", according to The Telegraph.

It seems that Crofts has emblazoned a lady's "private parts" all over the spine of the book, causing one book-buyer to claim it's "disgusting!" and should be kept out of the reach of children.

And Telegraph readers, presumably.


  1. Tippler // 12:01 PM  

    Personally, I think the Telegraph should be kept out of the way of children.

    Nearly did for me, when I were a lad.