Berlaymonster recently reported on some peculiar goings on at the Asia Institute Europe, responsible, or possibly not responsible, for the Sen Lecture Series on Sustainable Development.

Invitees to tomorrow's event were invited by a new, unknown host: the Asia Institute Europe. Police are currently investigating claims about this group.

Lord Browne of BP was to give the second in the series of lectures.

And now it seems, the esteemed Lord Browne of Madingley, Group Chief Executive of BP, is no longer Group Chief Executive.

It is unknown if the lecture will go ahead as foreseen.

Incidentally, the Berlaymonster hears that a flunky at BP passed on this message to one of the organisers of the lecture. Lord Browne, apparently, "does not like waiting around at entrances!".

We're sure he's got used to the exit by now.


  1. Tippler // 12:36 PM  

    That's a bugger. (Sorry)

    What I mean is, I just registered for the lecture. For the laff.

    What a shame. :-)

  2. Anonymous // 7:46 PM  

    Lord Browne is in the Charlemagne Building - he turned up for this prestigious meeting held by - who, again ? I think it must be Q&A now.

  3. Daphne Wayne-Bough // 2:15 PM  

    Is it true he was staying in Avenue de la Joyeuse Entree?