Caption competition ...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007 | 5 comments »

It's last year's news, and perhaps a little too easy, but our puerile minds could not resist it...

Er, 'whipping out his tool' ... um ... 'screwing' ... er ... and is that a cabinet he's drilling?... Notice he's not wearing protection ... etc.

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  1. Hercé // 2:57 PM  

    Verheugen has a screw loose.

    Verheugen 'petrafied' by own power....drill

  2. MKWM // 10:53 PM  

    Bob the Builder: Can we fix it?
    Günter: YES we can!

    Sorry, my puerile mind could not resist it...

  3. Anonymous // 12:16 AM  

    poor commissioner trying to make ends meet by making commercials for BOSCH

  4. MKWM // 1:15 AM  

    Les boches et BOSCH, c'est tout ce qu'il y a de mieux. Why remain 'anonymous' after such a witty caption? This is a serious competition,after all, you might win! By the way, 'Monster, other than fun, what's the catch here?

  5. Hunter // 10:54 AM  

    Cabinet screwed by nut