Press Association and The Times today have reported on an EU cake-off by the German Presidency, with a bakery specialty to be chosen from each EU member state.

Eccles Cakes and Hot Cross Buns have been chosen to represent Britain. Could this mean an ignominious end to Geoff Hoon's tenure as Europe minister? Usurped by a jumped-up biscuit?


  1. MKWM // 2:29 AM  

    I wonder what kind of 'biscuit' the Greeks will choose. While most countries have made up their mind, they seem to be endlessly debating and I wouldn't be surprised to see them coming up with a Turkish delight recipe. Anyway, here are my Greek fat Greek pastries. My favourite is the Christmas butter cookie with powdered sugar. Delicious and quite easy to make. My own recipe was way better but I'm afraid I lost it.