Euro politician man Len Passo today expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to speak in a word debate over initiatives.

Lawmonger Passo, 53, told committee chairman Tess Larrop-Hansen he would be "brief" as he realised "time is tight and we're runing behind schedule" and literally "thanked" her for the chance to intervene, in what he said had been an "interesting and constructive" exchange of views.

He also "congratulated" her for the "excellent" initiative to hold an ad hoc debate on initiatives, and "extended his gratitude" to the three visiting officials "for having taken the time" to speak to the chamber, and for what he dubbed their "instructive and insightful contributions."

It was "vital" according to Passo that such dialogues take place "if Europe is to face the pressures of globalisationing in an ever changing climate world place and step up to the Lisbon plate of economic and social goodness in a spirit of decromomacy and transparents."

He said he "hoped" the "key" debate would lead to a "more enlightened and informed" review of the initiatives in force.

This, he added, "leads me on to my first point."

It was at this moment that Chairman Larrop-Hansen cut Passo off for running over his allotted speaking time.


  1. Hercé // 8:21 PM  

    hear hear. i think the answer is gender mainstreaming and rigorous benchmarking.

  2. MKWM // 11:12 PM  

    Instructive and insightful contributions, undoubtedly. I wonder what the meaning of "decromomacy" can be.
    Anyway, this Solon quote is rather appropriate here: "speech is the mirror of action".