The European Commission upsets some polar bears and fibs to its staff.

From Daphne:

On Thursday 1st February I sat in the dark at 19h50 and looked out across St Josse to the Berlaymont, waiting for the great monolith to be plunged into darkness at 19h55, as part of the Europe-wide "Lights Out" campaign against global warming."

And - nothing happened. This despite Commission employees having reportedly received a message from none other than Siim Kallas himself that he fully supported the initiative. The good ship Berlaymont blazed on into the night. I know it is already a "smart" building, but if the Eiffel Tower can do it ... the polar bears should be told.

Berlaymonster adds:

And wouldn't it be a terrible irony if a faux pas like this happened during, I don't know, let's say "Sustainable Energy Week" or something.

We bet it looks great floodlit every night ...


  1. Anonymous // 2:30 PM  

    Perhaps a terrible irony if a faux-pas but I'm not sure "nobody was home" at the time, some people happen to work until very late not to mention that such a building must remain lit, this is a security measure.

    At least some lights went dark in Athens, and if the Greeks - who are usually known for their lack of sensibility - can do it, Commissioner Stavros Dimas should be proud to tell the polar bears.

    This being said, there is indeed a terrible waste of energy (human energy too, I'm afraid) in these EU buildings, but your reader can rest assured, there is also a touch of environmental concern: tons of paper are collected daily for recycling and staff can even bring their old batteries from home. As for the lights, they go automatically dark as soon as there is no movement in their offices. That can be when they fall asleep at their desk or sit calmy, staring at their screen...

  2. Daphne Wayne-Bough // 10:10 AM  

    I know the Berlaymont is a fairly "smart" building, so it must be a frenzy of activity round the clock 24/7 then, as the lights blaze all night long even during the holidays. I have photographs to prove it.

  3. Tippler // 10:57 AM  

    That'll be me and Margot in the sauna, Daffers

  4. MKWM // 4:40 PM  

    You, in the sauna.. ha, ha! How does "briller par son absence" translate in English, Tippler?

  5. Tippler // 11:02 AM  

    Don't ask me. I don't speak Peruvian.

    *scratches head and reaches for towel*

  6. MKWM // 5:55 PM  

    Peruvian...Pfft...N'importe quoi...
    I would expect you to recognise a French oxymoron when you see one. That was "to be conspicuous by one's absence".

    So you're reaching for the towel already? Did you at least work up a good head of steam?