Hygiene at DG REGIO

Tuesday, February 06, 2007 | 4 comments »

Below is a genuine notice posted in a kitchen at DG REGIO, courtesy of The Witloof


Dear colleagues,

All of us who use the small freezer which is placed in the small room in the middle of our floor remember very well that it was in an inadmissible state of dirtiness.

I have found different kind of food which was perished, mouldy or had a bad odour caused by bacteria as the best-before date had expired for more than six months ago.

As you know there is no cleaning service foreseen for this freezer and it has to be kept clean by the people who use it.

Last Wednesday, I had to summon up all my courage and decided to clean it myself hoping that from now on everybody who uses it will make an effort to keep it clean and empty the food before it gets rotten.

Last but not least, the lady who has forgotten her vaginal cream in the freezer, is kindly asked to take it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and have a nice week.


  1. MKWM // 11:10 PM  

    That kind of cream should indeed be stored away from heat and light but at room temperature. What the hell was it doing in the freezer? Just think it could be mistaken for a sweetened condensed milk tube!

    Who knows, the unclaimed cream might eventually come handy for the next freezer cleaning at DG Regio, it should kill the bacteria alright.

    But my fridge cleaning tip is to use a toothbrush and toothpaste for the rubber around the door and non soapy water with a little white vinegar for the inside (do try this at home, it works).

  2. Tippler // 10:58 AM  

    Does vaginal cream have a use-by date? Does it go mouldy?

    Just asking...

  3. septic_isle // 1:06 PM  

    DG Fridgio...

  4. MKWM // 4:35 PM  

    Ha ha ha... I just love "DG Fridgio"!

    Tippler, e-ve-ry-thing has a use-by or best before date. But what kind of vaginal cream are you asking about here? The one that lubricates or the other one?

    Anyway, don't ask me. I never used any kind so I wouldn't be able to tell you whether it goes mouldy.