Want to be a civil servant?

Monday, January 22, 2007 | 3 comments »

Berlaymonster Special Promotion!

Desperate to become a high-ranking, swan-eating, late-arriving civil servant but haven't got a degree? Perhaps you haven't even been to school?


Berlaymonster in collaboration with Belford University is happy to offer you the chance to get that vital slip of paper in just seven days.

Belford University, regardless of your age, sex, marital status or location, will get you the degree you deserve for having been alive for a few years. No minimum number of years required.

So don't delay! Get your degree now and boost your income by several thousand euros a month - subsidised lunch and childcare included!

Berlaymonster - helping the Commission with equal opportunities ...


  1. MKWM // 9:33 AM  

    Wonderful... I think I'll go for the Biblical Studies. After all, it might be true: if the universe was built in a week, why not a Uni degree on the seventh day?

  2. zoe // 11:41 AM  

    Great, I can send my kids out to work at last.

  3. Henner // 2:52 PM  

    Mhhh... I wonder whether they have an introduction week?