Tongue Twister

Monday, January 22, 2007 | 2 comments »

New Commissioner for Multilingualism Leonard Orban is seeking to fend off criticism that President Barroso has assigned him a light-weight portfolio by lifting a 12-kilo marble bust of Robert Schumann with his tongue. “The tongue is the most powerful muscle in the human body,” said Wunderkommisar Orban. “Both politically and physically. Therefore I am going to lift a bust of the EU’s founding father for 12 minutes. The exact time it takes to recite the entire declensions and conjugations of Bulgarian grammar.”

The move has been broadly welcomed by his fellow commissioners. “It’s phenomenal,” said an aide to one of the commission’s vice-presidents. “At last week’s team meeting he gave us a trial-run, lifting Margot W. She loved it.”

The event will be televised on Pink Glove TV.

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  1. Tippler // 3:37 PM  

    Despite massive temptation I will not let my fertile imagination cause me to make any comments about how I would utilise my own tongue in relation to the divine Ms Wallstrom.

    Oh bollocks.

  2. MKWM // 5:29 PM  

    "Il faut tourner sept fois sa langue dans la bouche avant de parler", and that's exactly how you've been utilising your tongue in relation to the divine Commissioner...

    Moderating your comment is indeed very wise, Tippler.