Stepping into the abyss

Monday, January 22, 2007 | 4 comments »

Somewhere on Rue de la Loi, the Council of the European Union, not to be confused with the Council of Europe, the European Council or the Council of Ministers, has built a new, anonymous, glass edifice to house its translators*.

This statue is on the doorstep. It is a European, clearly. Or perhaps a potential European. It is Everyman. It is certainly not Everywoman. It is ourselves, and everybody else. It is probably not a Turk. He is dressed in a smock. He is advancing, making progress. He is our ancestor, or a sleepwalker.

Okay, the 'Monster hasn't got a clue who he is or what he represents. Any ideas?

*this information may not be true


  1. quarsan // 7:09 AM  

    I keep thinking of Madness and their hit 'One Step Beyond'

  2. Tippler // 3:30 PM  

    I reckon it's one of those street entertainer types who stand impersonating a statue for hours on endwhile I completely neglect to give them any money.

  3. MKWM // 12:23 AM  

    Quarsan was right. Hanneke Beaumont's sculpture has now been given the name 'Stepping forward' from what I read in the E.Voice (1-7/02), the inauguration is scheduled for 28 February and the building should indeed house the Council's translators.

    From a pdf doc in H.B.'s website: (...) Beaumont's figure is a universal symbol - a self-symbol. Its predicament and suffering, integrity and doubt, are ours. It is gender-neutral, or perhaps androgynous - sometimes curved like a female, but with what seems to be a male face. It is, in any event, a generalized figure, harking back to tradition. (...)

  4. Aunty Marianne // 6:47 PM  

    Rubbish. It's Metternich. He's in his undies because he's been woken up to be told that Talleyrand's dead.