The Cabinet Review, pt 2

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 | 1 comments »

Franco Frattini

Calls them: My team.
Includes: No drivers or trainees. Media people are on a separate page.
Layout/Design: Clear, pleasant and perfectly fine.

Good looking, elegant and that's just Franco himself although his left shoulder seems to be fading. Despite Carlo Presenti going for mean, moody and magnificent the rest all have nice friendly faces. For some reason putting your mouse over the name removes the photo and reveals contact details. Slightly pointless.

Top Totty: Diane Schmitt even if she is picking at a spot on her chin
Stud-U-Like: Franco Frattini

Viviane Reding

Calls them: My team.
Includes: Everyone including drivers and an invisible trainee.
Layout/Design: Lovely.

Starts with a large team photo. Oddly most of the team aren't looking at the camera but something out of view. The Commissioner is easily identified by the large bunch of flowers on her lapel. The photos are great, natural looking and psychologically interesting because most of them have the tops of their heads cut off. I wonder what that means...
For some reason their initials of the cabinet members are also included.

The portraits are from a variety of angles and poses so individuality and a little informality makes this look rather fresh.

Top Totty: Viviane Hoffmann - an Anne Robinson who smiles.
Stud-U-Like: Miguel França and his wolfish grin.

Stavros Dimas

Calls them: My Team.
Includes: Everyone
Layout/Design: Very nice indeed. Clear and tastefully funky, and it's hard to carry off that shade of green outside on O'Farrells on St. Patrick's Day.

The modest Stavros hardly appears on the page, just a nice little head and shoulders shot at the top. There is yet another group photo, shot from above, but Stavros adds a twist: the background has been replaced with a sandy gradient which leave the group looking like they're floating over a void. hows that for a metaphor.

The most noticeable thing is that Pierre Schellekens, Deputy Head of Cabinet has a much larger photo than Nancy kontou, the Head of Cabinet ... smells like ambition ...

Top Totty: Vassiliki Lerou-Mavroidi is the pick of the secretariat.
Stud-U-Like: Vassilis Giakoumakis looks like a man who knows a good ride when he sees one.

Joaquín Almunia

Calls them: Cabinet.
Includes: Every group gets their own page.
Layout/Design: Too fussy, over complicated.

The Cabinet Members page has the usual group photo but in this one no less that three of the men are NOT wearing dark suits. Joaquin certainly believes in leading from the front.

The portraits are pretty cool. They look like snaps, informal and relaxed even if they are underexposed. Daringly, Amelia Torres, spokeswoman, is photographed outside.

Top Totty: Blanca Huergo Gonzalo.
Stud-U-Like: Ignacio Gonzalez Vazquez.

Danuta Hübner

Calls them: Cabinet.
Includes: Everyone, even stagiaires.
Layout/Design: Nice and clear.

Another group photo, which captures a guy at the back ogling a ladies rear. also notable for the appearence of a red tie. Sharp.

All the photos are against the same backdrop but they're nice clear pictures, but am I alone in thinking Danuta may have a thing for bearded men? This is not a bad place for totty spotting or for those in search of a bit of trouser.

Top Totty: Denisa Dodekova... How does Mr Von Breska and Mr Panigalli get any work done?
Stud-U-Like: Daniel Tollemans is a man who knows what women want.


  1. MKWM // 10:43 PM  

    Franco: the Commissioner himself (followed by Stefano) & Karolina

    Viviane: Pfffft.... thanks, but no thanks. If you insist though... Jean-Pierre the driver, maybe.

    Stavros: I'm fed up with Greeks but Andreas looks pleasant & so does Vicky (Vassiliki)

    Joaquin: way too fussy indeed.
    I just can't make up my mind here, I nearly like the whole gang:
    Gerassimos, Antoine, Benjamin, Gabriele, Guillermo and Snow White (Blanca).
    I think Guillermo is my favourite dwarf.

    Danita: John & Denisa.

    Favourite of these 5 studs:
    John BCBG (British Bon Chic Bon Genre)